Last flight for On that one-way trip to Mars

Sadly my first book, On that one-way trip to Mars, is now out of print. My publisher Bottlecap Press informed me that they sold the last backstock copy, so that’s a wrap on my voyage to Mars.

On that one-way trip to Mars was published in May 2016 and was nominated for an Elgin Award in 2017. I couldn’t be prouder of my first book and am so grateful that I was able to have it published with Bottlecap Press.

I want to thank Bottlecap Press for taking a chance on a new writer back in 2016. Back then, I didn’t have any books out, had published in a few literary journals, but wasn’t an established writer yet. They helped make my dream a reality, worked with me to get the feel of the cover just right, and were open to my suggestion to use NASA photos for the cover and inside photos of the planets.

Thank you to my readers, friends, family, and the poetry community for supporting this book and my work. Thanks to all the reading series, the open mics, and the panels at festivals and conferences where I read from this book. Your support truly means the world — and the stars.

On that one-way trip to Mars on the shelves at Berl's Poetry Shop (left), a reader and kitty enjoy space poetry (center), and a book review from Agape Editions (right).

If you liked my first book, my second book, Crumb-sized: Poems, is available from Unnamed Press.

Keep supporting local bookstores, Black-owned bookstores, indie authors, and Black writers! Keep writing, keep reading!