The Future is Disabled: Planning for Climate Change Must Include People with Disabilities in, December 3, 2020

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Electrical Contractor Magazine

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DOE Releases Roadmap for Decarbonizing America’s Industrial Sector, Sept. 2022
New DOE Lab to Develop Grid Energy Storage Technology, Improve Grid Reliability, May 2022
Don’t Take Anything for Granted: How a fatal incident led to an increased focus on safety, May 2022
N.J. Community Solar Program Provides Energy to Low-, Moderate-Income Households, April 2022
Virginia Coal Mines Repurposed as Solar Farms, March 2022
U.S. Electric Vehicle Charging Ports May Soon Surpass Gas Stations, Feb. 2022
Bringing DC Solar Systems to Native American Reservations, Jan. 2022
Indigenous-Led Nonprofit Aims to Provide Equitable Energy Access to Tribes, Nov. 2021
Community Solar Project Brings Clean Energy to Low-Income Residents, Oct. 2021
Extreme Weather Driving Purchase of Residential Solar Systems, Sept. 2021
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Morocco Home to Africa’s First Solar-Powered Village, Dec. 2019
Puerto Rico’s ‘Green New Deal’ Promises 100-Percent Renewable Energy by 2050, April 2019
Longest Federal Shutdown in U.S. History Costs $11 Billion, CBO Says, Dec. 2018
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Society for Science & the Public

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The Mighty

Why I’m Coming Out About My Invisible Disability, Aug. 22, 2017


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Gun Wars won an Online News Association Journalism Award in Oct. 2015 and an EPPY in Oct. 2014
Sheriffs protest gun restrictions, refuse to enforce laws, Aug. 2014
This story was also published on NBC News, The Center for Public Integrity, and Yahoo News

The Washington Post

National Park Seminary neighborhood cultural smorgasbord, Aug. 2013
Potomac’s ‘Bill the Barber’ is a marathon man, July 2013

Education Week Teacher

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Capital News Service

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The Pendulum

Commemorating the courage of four: Museum in Woolworth Building opens on 50th anniversary of Greensboro Four sit-ins, pg. 16, Jan. 2010



Gun Wars website

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What is $6 Billion (1)

Capital News Service









Education Week Teacher



Fit Girls

I produced an informational video for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” contest about the Fit Girls program at Lucy V. Barnsley Elementary School in Montgomery County, Md. Fit Girls, a program for 4th-5th graders, helps young girls learn and practice healthy eating and activities, such as running. Students and teacher coaches run twice a week after school.

New Greensboro Voice Documentary

I made a documentary about The New Greensboro Voice, a homeless newspaper in Greensboro, N.C. Homeless individuals who come to a day shelter in Greensboro write and produce the paper with Elon University student Mary Yost’s help. She created the newspaper. I was filming at just the right time — they were putting together the first issue, folding papers, and preparing to go out into the community to distribute.