Interviewed on DC Public Library’s Podcast

When Jenny Cavallero, a D.C.-based comedian, writer, filmmaker, actor, and disabled person, approached me about being interviewed for DCPL’s Access This podcast, I was excited and in awe. Sometimes, the imposter syndrome voice grows louder in my head. Sometimes, I’m able to shush her and remind myself, hey, Marlena, you’ve published books, you’ve been writing and working on your craft for years, you’re holding leadership positions in poetry organizations in the community, for goodness sake!

It was so fun being interviewed by Jenny for the podcast, just talking about my love of writing, reading, the D.C. literary community, and building opportunities for disabled and queer writers!

Check out the podcast for book talks, conversations, stories about the happenings in the library, Washington, D.C., and much more. Listen to the episode where I’m interviewed here.