Climate change planning must include the disabled 🌍♿

Update: Read my feature on climate change and disability in the January issue of Entropy Inherited.

Sneak peek: I have an essay on the intersections of climate change and disability coming out in the January issue of Entropy Inherited, a monthly climate newsletter run by Denali Sai and Natalie Kiley.

Entropy Inherited is a monthly climate newsletter run by two earth-loving chicks, Denali and Natalie. We are committed to uplifting reporting, narratives, and creations that complicate our current climate narrative. In all honesty, we’ve had enough of the hyper-technical, Western-centric nature of climate reporting. This sixth extinction that we’ve inherited is the first (that we’re aware of) to be documented, and we are committed to doing our part to make sure it’s done well. Every month you can expect a mix of the good and the bad, through the lens of critical optimism.

Our generation and those that follow are the inheritors of entropy. Our voices are critical. There is a raw energy among us to learn and to listen. Many of the dominant voices in the environmental sector are – you guessed it – stale, pale, and male. This newsletter seeks to heed the voices and perspectives of the true majority – people of all ages, colors, and genders, and to thereby build a community of people committed to climate action. We love learning alongside our readers, and we can’t wait to learn alongside you.

In past newsletters, Denali and Natalie have featured internationally recognized Nepali photographer Sabrina Dangol, who witnessed the 2015 earthquake, the global water crisis, sustainable underwear, and more.

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