Poem published in “Maryland’s Best Emerging Poets”

I have a poem published in a very cool anthology, called Maryland’s Best Emerging Poets, from Z Publishing. The book is $15 for 80+ poems, including my work and former classmates Charles Zhuang and Bryce Gold. It’s such a pleasure to be published with them!

And if you purchase using this link I receive a little money for the referral — think of it like a small royalty.

My poem, “Two-body problem,” explores what life could be like if we had two bodies — one for lazing around and never getting hurt in, and the other our “pain body.”

The poem was inspired by a phenomenon in classical mechanics and astronomy. In reality, the two-body problem determines the motion of two point particles that interact with each other at the center of their masses. Think a satellite orbiting a planet, a planet orbiting a star, two stars orbiting each other, or an electron orbiting a nucleus. I don’t pretend to understand high-level physics, math, and science like this, but I often find myself stumbling upon and lingering on these articles and Wikipedia pages.