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Fit Girls

An informational video about the Fit Girls program at Lucy V. Barnsley Elementary School in Montgomery County, Md. Fit Girls is a program for fourth to fifth graders at the elementary school to learn and practice healthy eating and activities such as running. Students and teacher coaches run every Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 20-30 minutes around the bus loop. The video was for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” contest.

Frankie the Balloon Artist

In my Digital Media Convergence class we had to tell a story through photos and audio. During Family Weekend, my mom and sister came to visit and we went to South Point mall in Durham, N.C. in search of a story. I took pictures of people performing and hoping to collect tips. There was a singer, with kids dancing around him and putting money into his tip jars. There was a comedian magician who made fun of the audience. And then there was Frankie, the balloon artist who happened to be a dwarf. Originally from New York, he joined the Ringling Brothers and began creating balloon animals. His story compelled me the most, so I decided I would tell his. He was a great talker and narrates most of the video.

The New Greensboro Voice Documentary

I made a documentary about an Elon University student, Mary Yost, creating The New Greensboro Voice, a homeless newspaper in Greensboro, N.C. Homeless individuals who come to the Interactive Resource Center, a day shelter in Greensboro, write and produce the paper with Mary’s help. I caught the newspaper at just the right time — they were putting together their first issue, folding the papers and preparing to go out into the community to distribute.