OPINION: An intern’s response to the selling of The Washington Post

Photo from jimromenesko.com.
Photo from jimromenesko.com.

As an intern, I get to experience office life and newsrooms. I am in the thick of it — reporting on deadline, finding sources on my own and bugging them until they get back to me, suggesting enterprise stories, messing up and having to write corrections, and learning about topics as I go.

Sometimes, I also experience the business world first-hand. Like yesterday’s selling of The Washington Post and newspapers under the Post-Newsweek Media umbrella, including where I am currently interning, The Gazette.

I saw something on Twitter about The Post being sold and was just about to read the article when the entire staff received an email to meet in the conference room. At 4:40 p.m. we were given the news that The Washington Post, and The Gazette, was being sold to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com, for $250 million.

After the meeting, I listened to employees’ reactions, a mixture of shock, uneasiness and excitement for the future. Would there be more layoffs? How could they continue producing a great product, a great newspaper, with fewer people? How exactly would the papers change?

Then I went back to Twitter. Many people responded with humor.

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