Puerto Rico begins rebuilding its electric grid

The Hurricane that slammed into Puerto Rico last month was one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the Caribbean. Her eye spanned the entire island.

I wrote about how Puerto Rico is beginning to rebuild its electrical grid for Electrical Contractor Magazine. After the storm wiped out an estimated 80-100 percent of its already aging power grid, the island has been relying on generators for weeks.

Puerto Ricans could be without power for weeks or months. Some say rebuilding may take years.

… leaving the American commonwealth without communication or power and severe lack of food, water and gasoline. Hospitals are running on generators, with fuel dwindling. And without power, water can’t be pumped into homes and businesses.

Rebuilding efforts could take years, said Steve Gaines, Chapter Executive of NECA Southeastern Line Constructors. Right now, contractors are waiting for the government to release an aid package so they can start the rebuilding process.

Read the full article here: “No Power for Months: Puerto Rico Begins Rebuilding Electric Grid.”