Profiled in Terp alumni magazine

It’s an honor to be profiled in my alma mater’s alumni magazine Terp. Reporter Sala Levin interviewed me about why I write, the story behind Crumb-sized’s title, my hope for the book, and more.

Like she wrote in the article, I really do hope that my creative writing will reach others who deal with chronic pain. Chronic pain and invisible illnesses can be so isolating, so alienating. I wrote these poems partly to let others know they’re not alone.

In both of my poetry books so far, I’ve written about space and science. The scope of things inspires me because even when I’m in the midst of pain, if you broaden it and think about how I’m just one person on earth within a vast universe, it gives you perspective. It helps me, at least, deal with my pain.

Read the full article here.