Crumb-sized in the press 🙏📢

Crumb-sized has been out for a month! How did that happen? It’s old enough to move its arms jerkily, squeeze its non-existent hands into fists. I’m a proud book mama.

In its one-month debut, Crumb-sized has already garnered some press. I’m so grateful for the reviews it has received and interviews I have done with editors. Here is a roundup.

  • Yasmin Gunaratnam wrote a beautiful review in the Chicago Review of Books on publication day. She called me a space nerd exploring my inner cosmos — and hit it right on the head.
  • Mike Northen, the editor of Wordgathering, wrote an extensive review in September. He said I “began carving out a unique space for herself in disability poetry.”
  • Eric Cline, the editor of Calamus Journal, interviewed me about my interest in science-fiction poetry and the power of creating more diverse, representative worlds of the future.
  • Paul Semel interviewed me about my inspirations and why I choose to be radically honest in my writing.
  • Noble/Gas Quarterly chose me as their September Objects of Derision feature. They interviewed me about my inspirations for writing Crumb-sized and included a few new poems.