Society for Science & the Public

Training the next generation of STEM leaders, Feb. 2016
Breaking the jaw clenching habit, Dec. 2016
New nanotech tools identify composition of pollutants, Nov. 2016
High schooler founds nonprofit to close tech gender gap, Aug. 2016
Young and amazing: Alexander Wulff’s assistive tech, June 2016
Science takes this Society alumna all over the world, Feb. 2016

Electrical Contractor Magazine

Costa Rica Completes 
Year Of Renewable Energy
, Feb. 2017
Island In American Samoa 
Fully Powered By Solar

, Jan. 2017
Renewable Industry to Continue Growth
, December 2016
Arcadia Electrical And New York Light Up Crime

, July 2016
Sprig Electric Cuts Energy Costs With Unique System

, April 2016
Mid-Atlantic Region Leads Way in LEED Certification

, March 2016


Bike sharing is increasing, but along income lines, Nov. 2014
Old old old MacDonald had a farm, Oct. 2014
When the going gets rough, some sell poems, Sept. 2014
Small businesses work to keep up on social media, May 2015

NARRATION: The problem with fracking, Nov. 2014


Gun Wars won an Online News Association Journalism Award in Oct. 2015 and an EPPY in Oct. 2014

The Washington Post

National Park Seminary neighborhood cultural smorgasbord, Aug. 2013
Potomac’s ‘Bill the Barber’ is a marathon man, July 2013

Education Week Teacher

English Class E-Book More Popular Than ‘The Odyssey’, May 2014
Traveling Poet Brings Her Craft to Students, April 2014
The Case for Drawing and Doodling in Class, April 2014
Ideas for Teaching National Poetry Month, April 2014
Publishers: Eliminate Gender-Specific Books, March 2014

Capital News Service

GRAPHIC: Athletic spending in ACC and Big Ten, Dec. 2013
GRAPHIC: Giant Panda cub name flowchart, Nov. 2013
GRAPHIC: Wine flavor wheel, Nov. 2013
DATABASE: Media policies on Washington Redskins, Oct. 2013

The Gazette

In the Path of the Purple Line: A 2020 Vision, Aug. 2013


Write-ins: Support groups for NaNoWriMo, Nov. 2012

College Park Patch

At UMD Absorbing Language Takes 24-7 Use, Dec. 2012

The Writers’ Bloc

Visible Brush Strokes: Impasto Painting, Dec. 2012
Wearing words for a week, April 2013
Chimamanda Adichie on importance of place, Feb. 2013
Changing careers for the love of poetry, April 2012

The Pendulum

Commemorating the courage of four: Museum in Woolworth Building opens on 50th anniversary of Greensboro Four sit-ins, pg. 16, Jan. 2010