Climate change as muse

climate change creates underwater world in 2085 text overlaid on cloudy skies field

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a series of stories titled ‘Forecast’. Today, the first one I wrote, “Forecast: 2085,” was published in OMNI Reboot.

This section of the series focuses on a woman named Joanna. She’s just trying to get through her day, to work in the city, and back home, while four natural disasters are happening around her. This is a typical weather forecast for the year of 2085. Climate change has tumbled into four or more deadly weather events per day.

OMNI Reboot also published “Magruder Park Underwater” — a story outside of the forecast series (so far), but which also includes themes of climate change, sea-level rise, and mass evacuation. After the world has flooded, a lone mermaid is left behind. Zina is not a typical Ariel — she has large, curly hair, embraces her naked breasts, and has the local octopus give her tattoos and piercings.

Stay tuned for more news about the forecast series. I’ve found several upcoming climate change/sci-fi contests and themed calls for submissions, so I’m hoping to get more of them published.

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