AWP 2019 panels accepted!

I’m thrilled that TWO of my panels were accepted for the AWP 2019 conference in Portland, Oregon! Dates/times still TBA. So keep on the lookout for more information.

Here are my panels/events:

View all of the accepted events here.

This year, AWP received 1,715 event proposals, which it says is the most in the conference’s history. AWP could only accept 556 events.

As some of my fellow disabled writers have already eloquently expressed, we always wish there was more disability representation in these events. And less ableist language used in the events themselves (like “blind to the …” or “disability is a challenge they’re overcoming”). AWP reports that there will be 24 disabilities events (41% acceptance rate among self-identifying proposals).

As a reminder, please keep your panels accessible! Use the microphones, bring accessible/large-text handouts, repeat questions into the microphone, etc. Also, ensure your offsite events are accessible for everyone! I know planning for these will be ramping up in the next few months.

And don’t fret if your event wasn’t accepted. Keep submitting in the future! We need your voice, we need your writing. You are valid! These acceptances are so arbitrary, so don’t lose faith in yourself or your writing.

I’m really looking forward to AWP19 next year! Hope to see you there.